Hatu peak is one of the most beautiful destinationS of district Shimla that is surrounded with deodars, oaks and maple trees.

Every year more than 50000 people come to visit this place which tells why this is one of the best places to visit in Narkanda as well as in Himachal.

So Hatu Peak is about 8 km away from the main market of Narkanda.

It is at the height of around 3400 meters above the sea level which makes it the highest peak of district Shimla. On the way to Hatu peak, there is a place called “JHAMUNDA” also known as “GUJJAR KOTHA” which is one of the main attraction of Hatu Peak. During summers Gujjars use to come here with their buffaloes and stay here till the winters arrive. “Jaw Bagh” is also another point of attraction which one must not ignore. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Narkanda.


It is said that during the exile period of Pandavas, they stood here for some time (the exact time period is not known).It’s also believed that there are two rocks (called as Bheem chullah) in between which the Bheem use to cook his food. These rocks are easily visible from the peak.

The Hatu temple is dedicated to “MANDODRI” the wife of “RAVANA”. Every year a “Mela ” is organized during the month of May in which all the local “Devi-Devtas” take part. During this, People from different villages use to come here and offer their prayers.

The culture of this place is very rich. There is a great belief of the local people over the goddess of hatu that she will fulfill all their wishes. Many local people give some of their first cultivated crop in the temple so that they could have a good season ahead.


Car is considered to be the best option but believe me, it’s not. According to me, Trekking and cycling are considered to be the best option. You can have your water bottle and some etable things in your bag, and you are good to go.

But I do not recommend this, if you are suffering from any disease like asthma etc.

It is only 8km trek which merely takes 3 hours. And you will not find any difficulty while walking, as this is not a harsh trek to do. For photographers,I would strongly recommend to go on foot and take all the shortcuts. I bet you will not regret.  You will find many points on the way, which you can’t resist to capture.


There is no such specific time to visit Hatu peak because it has its own beauty in every season. But as a local, I would suggest you, come during the non-tourist season because you can explore the place better.

In winters it is a bit difficult to reach at the top. This is because of the snow, but still people do go there to enjoy the mesmerizing view of peak covered with snow.



“Jhamunda” also known as “Gujjer Kotha” is a place on the way to hatu peak which is famous for its view and a mud house in which “Gujjers” use to live during summers. Here you can setup your camp. You will find dense forest of deodars and maple trees all around.


This is one of the main attractions of hatu peak.This temple is in the center of the peak. I have explained everything in detail about this above.


Jaw bagh is around 800 meters from the parking section of hatu peak. It is a beautiful tourism point where one can spend a good time with their loved ones.


As I have told you earlier in this article that pandvas stood here during their exile period. The exact place where they stood was Agyaat Vaas, which is nearly 3 km below the hatu peak. You will find a board of agyaat vaas on the way to hatu peak.


As we know that Narkanda is famous for skiing. Many national and international players of skiing are from Narkanda. During winters many professional skiers go to hatu peak and ski down from there. It is a patch of around 1 km where skiing is done. This place is also on the way to Hatu Peak.

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