things to do in narkanda
things to do in narkanda

There are various activities to do in Narkanda. It is a small town, yet it offers you more than you except. It is one of the finest places where you will find various adventurous activities.

So here is the list of various activities to do in Narkanda.


Skiing is one of the activities for which Narkanda is famous for. Every year skiers from different part of the country use to come here. Many national events as well as local events of skiing held here every year.

Dhomri which is one of the best places to visit in narkanda, is the place where skiing is done. It has the skiing slope of around one kilometer. For beginners, there is a ground where one can learn how to do skiing. There are many courses that are organized by the government as well as private training institutes. One can enroll in these courses to learn.

If you are a tourist and you want to do skiing for fun, you can rent skiing equipment’s as well as a trainer on hourly basis.


Talking about “things to do in narkanda” one cannot ignore trekking. There are many peaks in narkanda which are famous for trekking. Some of the trek are given below.

Hatu peak trek.

Shrikot trek.

Kiner peak trek.

Nature peak trek.

Other small treks are also there which you will find easy and fun to do.


Camping is an outdoor activity that is very popular among the youths of today’s world. In Narkanda you will find the finest camping sites. As I have shared in earlier posts that narkanda have many places to visit. You can setup your campsite in those places and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of that place.

Friends, bonfire and music is the best combination that you can have. So this is the must that you can go for when you are in narkanda.


Cycling is another outdoor activity that you can do here in narkanda. Hatu peak is the best cycling track if you want it to be hard. If you want a normal off-road track then you can go to daroo village. It is the best off-road track that you will find here in narkanda. Thanedhar road can be another good option to explore through cycling.


One cannot resist the fact that narkanda is indeed one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. And it offers us so much to take with us as memories. Photography can be done at different locations and every photo will be a great memory. We also offer you to share your pictures on our facebook page : NARKANDA- THE HEAVEN ON EARTH.

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